Urbanarium City Tours - CurbAppeal: A Visit to Missing Middle Competition Sites

Aug 24
1:00pm — 5:30pm
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Urbanarium City Tours is back this summer with a one-day tour of the ground breaking Missing Middle Competition winners. We are hosting two “neighbourhood visits” on August 24,2019 that provide opportunities to imagine the competition winners in situ through before and after pictures of the winning entries. Urbanarium will convene and facilitate each site visit with the winning design professionals to imagine how their proposals contribute to challenges of intensification, affordability and mixed tenure housing opportunity while strengthening prevailing context. 

As part of the ticket, each attendee will be emailed a digital booklet of the winning submissions, which includes the location of each proposal and “before and after” street fronting views prepared by each competition team. Attendees will be asked to stand at the curb and observe images as designers describe each site’s proposed transformation. Attendees will be responsible for bringing a Smartphone and means of transport. 

Saturday August 24  Surrey then Burnaby


1:00  Meet in front of Better Together by MIZA located at 13475 81st Avenue in Surrey

2:00  Meet in front of More is Good by Ian, James and Simon located at 13509 80th Avenue in Surrey

2:40 - 3:20 (or soon thereafter) Drive to next location in Burnaby


3:20  Meet in front of Extra Special by Workshop Architecture located at 4204/4208 Triumph Street in Burnaby

4:05  Meet in front of Micro Op by Haeccity Studio Architecture located at 4219 Pandora Street

4:50  Meet in front of CO-OP Pod by Columba located at 4268/4272 Pandora Street

5:30  Tour concludes

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Surrey: Better Together — 13475 81st Ave
Surrey: More is Good — 13509 80 Ave
Burnaby: MICRO OP — 4219 PANDORA St
Burnaby: CO-OP POD — 4268 PANDORA St