Urbanarium sends our heartfelt wishes to you, your family and communities to remain healthy and safe during such disruptive times. We extend condolences to those who have lost a loved one to the disease and a special thank-you to our health care, first responder and food security champions who are tirelessly supporting us all. Let’s agree to keep making noise every night at 7 well after this virus has passed.

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By Frances Bula, published in the Globe and Mail | Full Article Click Here

A massive new effort to produce a vision for the future Vancouver, a city currently in the throes of an extreme housing crisis and pitched battles over how to fix it, will cost almost $18-million and take three years.

But its supporters are hoping the proposal for a city-wide plan, coming to council Tuesday, will help reduce the acrimony.

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Vancouver Sun, DAN FUMANO (Updated: May 9, 2019)

"I will be blunt, and I'm going to be persona non grata at city hall," says former Vancouver co-chief planner Larry Beasley, who has a new book entitled Vancouverism.

Sipping an Americano in a Yaletown cafe recently, Larry Beasley seems at home. That makes sense. Not only does he live a short walk away, he has his fingerprints all over the neighbourhood.

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By Frances Bula, Published on May 23rd, 2018 on the Globe and Mail (Full Article)

A search for the ‘missing middle’ of housing

Canada’s major cities, which used to consist of small apartment zones surrounded by vast swathes of single-family houses, are undergoing a major transformation.

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Published on: April 26, 2018 by Vancouver Sun: Full Article

A local design company has come up with a way to gently densify neighbourhoods full of single-family houses without overwhelming them with condo towers.

Vancouver-based Haeccity Studio Architecture was a winner of a competition run by Urbanarium, a local non-profit group that was looking for ways to plug the “missing middle.”

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Imagine Parks and Recreation – What could Vancouver’s parks, public space and recreation opportunities look like in 25 years? How about 100 years?

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation is developing Vancouver’s Playbook, a new master plan to guide the delivery of vibrant parks and recreation over the next 25 years. VanPlay is a year-long fun and interactive conversation with the public, park board staff, partners, stakeholders and experts to make it the best plan it can be.


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Enthusiastic about public space? On September 14 and 16, the City of Vancouver will conduct its first ever Public Space and Public Life Study with the support of Gehl - Making Cities for People, a global leader in people-centred urban design.

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Towards A Better City 

Vancouverites know better than anyone what would make their city better. For that reason, we are asking residents from 50 neighbourhoods across the city to contribute their feedback in an open, authentic, transparent and defensible manner. 

We are crowdsourcing from the grassroots to help influence future decision-making in the City.


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From CBC's MAy 23rd article

Research on housing affordability suggests GTHA lacks mid-level housing like 'townhouses, duplexes, triplexes'

Call it the tale of Toronto's two housing markets: on one side are the million-dollar-plus single-detached homes, and on the other, those tiny boxes in the sky.

What's missing, is everything in the middle.

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