Young Planners Map

Complete communities work well for everyone, which means people of ALL ages, backgrounds, needs and abilities can live, work, shop, learn, and play in close proximity to one another in their neighbourhood. When a community is just (equitable), green (sustainable) and fun, everyone can stay healthy and happy in the city. 

Tell us how well your neighbourhood works for you and others! How well does it work for animals and plants? Where are your favourite places to work, play, shop or learn?  Tag the places that make your community complete with a happy face pin. Tag any of the places that you think need to change in order to work better for you and others with the not-so-happy pin. What should these changes be? Add your comments, suggestions, photos, and drawings.  

This map is a part of the Vancouver Plan Young Planners program, a collection of educational and interactive activities for kids and youth to provide input into the Vancouver Plan. 

About the project

Complete communities work well for everyone. What makes your neighbourhood great? What would you change or improve?


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