Redesign public space!

Vancouver Design Week (VDW) takeover! Tag public places, spaces or buildings as “Redesign!” or “Love!” ...through the lens of VDW’s 3’R’s for Systems Change campaign: Retool, Revision, Regenerate. 

This project is a collaboration with Vancouver Public Space Network (VPSN), Vancouver Design Foundation and The Urbanarium Society. The intention is to provide a forum for open-ended commentary about Metro Vancouver, where anyone can share their perspectives and ideas, and where we can all expand our thinking by learning more about how others perceive and experience our public spaces.  Contributions to the map will be used to help support the ideation and realization of new projects that enable us to collaboratively redesign the future of Metro Vancouver!

The VDW Edition Smartmap is an invitation to explore the city and share your unique creative perspectives. Drop a pin, add a pic and tag all systems change ‘R’s that apply: #ReTooling #ReVisioning #ReGenerating (see below for definitions).  *And be sure to check Dr Bonnie’s latest health guidelines before heading out! 


#Retooling: modifying an existing system/s or thing to serve a new purpose. Often used tactically to enable rapid adaptive response. 

#Revisioning: looking beyond our current approach to city-building in order to imagine new types of public spaces. Revisioning invites us to imagine the public spaces of the future and how they might look, feel, function, and impact the world (and how they are different from the ones that currently exist).

#Regenerating: redesigning systems so they nurture the health of people and the planet - for present and future generations. Beyond seeking to merely reduce harm / risk / regret, regenerating works from the place-based potential of what we can do together, building our collaborative agency to empower futures that are mutually thriving and equitable for all. 


About the project

To transform our systems, which public places, spaces or buildings need Redesign! ...which do you already Love!


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