Urbanarium sends our heartfelt wishes to you, your family and communities to remain healthy and safe during such disruptive times. We extend condolences to those who have lost a loved one to the disease and a special thank-you to our health care, first responder and food security champions who are tirelessly supporting us all. Let’s agree to keep making noise every night at 7 well after this virus has passed.

We believe strongly in the promise and resilience of cities. We believe that cities are platforms for making community that strengthen our love and support for each other. We also believe that in the face of this crisis we are called to better understand how cities can remain highly social and responsive to communities of all backgrounds.

We are witnessing remarkable strength and creativity as families, neighbours and those with similar interests convene in the virtual world. Given this extraordinary moment, we are reflecting on how Urbanarium can best support all of you towards making cities smarter. We are excited about our future programming and how it can illuminate new possibilities for social connectedness and shared support for each other. Stay tuned! Better yet, bring us your conversation topics, your questions, the people you want to celebrate and your stories about urban resilience.

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