PechaKucha Night Vol.51

Mar 12
7:30pm — 9:30pm
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About the event

Welcome back PechaKucha Vancouverites for another year of 20X20! We are starting the 2020 season off dive into the creative process. We will hear a diverse group of stories from our distinguished speakers. We hope you will join us on March 12th, at the Vancouver Playhouse for this round of PKNVan Vol.51.

Marianne Amodio - Principal Architect, MA+HG Architects
Caroline Boquist - Co-owner, Walrus


Jefferson Alvarez - Private Chef, Catering & Consultant
Dina Del Bucchia - Writer, Dina Del Bucchia
Julianne Chapple - Choreographer & Dancer
Josée Gordon-Davis - Perfume Artist & Music Teacher, reassembly
Sandeep Johal - Artist, Sandeep Johal Art
Henry Norris - Founder, New Format Studio
Josiah Peters - Designer & Principle, Lock and Mortice
Marta Sanderson - Florist, La Bomba
Kate Snyder - Interior Designer & Creative Consultant, Studio Roslyn
Adele Thomas - Photographer, A&C Productions Inc
Rufina Wu - Architect, Perkins and Will

Location: Vancouver Playhouse

600 Hamilton Street